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Gold Coast author Jack Rellim has released the historical war fiction novel Above and Beyond.

This book spans the early twentieth century and the heroism of war.


It took no great feat to occupy the time that spanned from the earliest years of the twentieth century to near its end. It took no great heroism to be mere witness to the cataclysmic events that changed the political and strategic climate that came to define the world we know today.

Martin Rellim, freedom loving and devoted to family and country, lived those years.

Martin was a brilliant mechanical and aeronautical engineer with a focused, disciplined, high work ethic. He was an innovator, an organiser and of equal importance a Mr Fix-It.

When the danger of Japanese expansion through 1930 to 1945 threatened Australia’s strategic position and physical existence, Martin’s expertise played a vital role in guaranteeing that the Australian Air Force triumphed in the Battle for Australia.

That expertise made Martin even more vulnerable after WWII as the Cold War strategies of the USSR and the West altered the world map. Martin was a prize desperately coveted by the Soviets.

The determination of the Soviets to ‘acquire’ Martin is the thread that ties the story of one man’s amazing life together – a life that did more than bear   witness.

Above and Beyond

by Jack Rellim

ISBN: 978-1-921731-63-1

RRP $25.95

Historical War Fiction

Published by Zeus Publications 


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